Finally, a blog.

This is it! Without further blog has arrived! Voila, la di da! I've been meaning to do this for a buh-zillion years and there's no day like today. This is a different blog than it would have been 10 years ago -- the trials and tribulations of a young fashionista. Or 5 years ago -- an all or nothing twenty something execu-tista on the rise. It is here and now that this former 'ista' has found her place, in NJ with a whole lotta life to be had and little Sheppiedoodle (my son's nickname) to share it with. So this mom-ista is ready to show you what life is like on the daily with a rascal in tow. I hope you like adventure because we sure do. After all, what's a dynamic duo without a sense of purpose? For my mini and me, it's to explore and conquer each day, in style, of course. Hey, I gotta honor my past while running into my future.

many ABs